Cormos Medical GmbH
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  • Heart implants for the treatment of structural heart diseases

    Cormos® Medical GmbH develops pioneering generations of interventional heart implants



    CORMOS® Medical GmbH is a successful developer and marketer of non-active, interventionally positioned cardiovascular implantation systems, complete with the matching access systems. In parallel to the successful developments of products in the past, our focus today is on obtaining the approval for a unique LAA occluder. Further products and visions are in preparation and will soon revolutionize conventional procedures.

    Our products are to help improve the quality of life of patients and make medical interventions safer for their users. The product portfolio is therefore constantly being expanded.


    Headquartered in Jena, our motivation comes from our employees’ many years of experience. Jena offers an excellent cardiological environment and network for the development of cardiological implants. At our Jena site, we have a state-of-the-art clean room production facility, a research lab and a creative environment for our developers. We cooperate nationally and internationally with a number of select interventional cardiologists, well-known technology partners as well as manufacturers.