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    Steerable Introducer

    steerable delivery system for improved maneuverability


    The Cormos® Medical Steerable Introducer comprises 3 elements: Cormos® Medical Loader, Cormos® Medical Steerable guiding sheath and the dilatator.

    Cormos® Medical Steerable guiding sheath is made torsion- and kink-proof by its strutted meshwork. At the same time, the surface is provided with water-repellant coating, which simplifies the access to the blood vessels. The dilatator and the Cormos® Medical Loader can be connected slide-proof by means of a screw connection with the Cormos® Medical Steerable guiding sheath and, this way, reach a smooth transition in the advance of the Cormos® Medical LAA Occluder. The transparent Cormos® Medical Loader makes it easier to visualize potential air entrapments after the loading of the occluder. Furthermore, the hemostasis valve minimizes the blood loss and the danger of air entrapments. The dilatator is laid out for guide wires with diameters of up to 0.038″ or 0.97mm.

    Bendable Distal Delivery System Tip

    The distal tip of the Cormos® Medical Steerable guiding sheath, which can be bent by up to 180°, adjusts optimally to the anatomy of the heart structures and the radiopaque marking improves visualization during the surgery.


    The bending angle of the Cormos® Medical Steerable guiding sheath can be adjusted directly by means of a wheel on the ergonomic handle. The handle also has a display on which the bending angle is shown at all times.

    Product Specifications

    Modell # Set
    (one set per box)
    Ring colorInner diameter
    delivery system
    delivery system length
    Usable dilator
    Bend curve
    3031CSI.1.12Light brown12F71 cm89 cm39 cm
    3031CSI.1.14red13.8F71 cm89 cm39 cm