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  • 27. July 2022

    3D printing for new innovation

    Cormos Medical’s new 3D printer supports the development of occluders and valve bodies, especially in early design discovery phases. The technology allows the fastest possible production and evaluation of various iterations of hand samples and prototypes.

    Printed fixtures for positioning, adjusting and clamping of our usability models, microscopes, materials testing machines and optical test benches also enable cost-effectives and fast solutions for our manufacturing processes.

    Our filament printer with 2 independent extruders and heated and ventilated installation space supports printing of common ABS, PLA and nylon materials. However, by using flexible TPU and water soluble PVA support structures, more advanced geometries are also manufacturable.

    We are excited about these new capabilities and will directly benefit through faster design response times and more accurate design input from our clinical users.